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Silvia Fuentes started classic ballet at 7 years old and she has remarkable long experience
as Tango Dancer and Choreographer (Tango Buenos Aires, Espectáculo Tradition Argentina,
Musical Duas Beiras, Companía Tango Seducción, only to mention some of them).
She performed in BA, Spain, Germany, Greece, France, Poland, England and Israel.

Started clasic ballet studies at 7 years old with the teachers
Wasil Tupín and Mercedes Serrano.
At 15 years old starts to work in Ballet beside
of Liliana Belfiore making shows in Argentina.
Her teachers in Jazz and contemporary dance were Manuel Vallejo,
Sandy Brandawer, Marina Giancaspro, Laura Roatta, Soledad Galoto
and others.
Teachers whom learned Tango: Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida,
Milena Plebs, Fabián Peralta, Mingo Pugliese, Melina Brufman,
Claudio González, Virginia Pandolfi, Graciela Gonzales,
Sebastián Arce, Mariano Chicho Frumboli and others.

“Tango Buenos Aires”: Mr. Pepe Cibrián Campoy, Argentina
“Tango Bizarro”: Mr. Rodrigo Joe Corbata, Argentina
“Tangos Corazónicos”: Directed by Sabrina and Rubén Veliz, Argentina
“Espectáculo Vogue”: Directed by Belinda King, Portugal and London
“Espectáculo de la A a la Z”: Casino of Estoril.
“Espectáculo Tradición Argentina”, In Spain.
“Musical Dúas Beiras”: Mrs. Lorena Lores.
Choreographers: Claudio Gonzales and Melina Brufman, Spain
“Compañía Lazos” Directed by Cecilia Troncoso, Argentina
“Compañía Ayres de Tango” Directed by Camila Castro and
Claudia Pannone, Angola, Africa
“Compañía Tango Seducción” Directed by Gustavo Ruso,
international tour: Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Israel.
“Musical Chantecler” beside of Mora Godoy, General direction:
Stephen Rayne.
Having had two main characters in charge, one of them like a
cover of Mora Godoy, doing the main character in
“Presidente Alvear” theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina and
“Chatelet” Theater from París, France.
Member of Mora’s Godoy Company: Tours: Chile, Kazajstan,
Germany and Argentina.
“Tango Pasión” Company: Directed by Osvaldo Ciliento, tours:
Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden,
Finland, Rusia, Africa, England.

 Phone (0034) 659 262616

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